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Ferric Chloride Wastewater Treatment and Ferric Sulfate Wastewater Treatment

Our ferric salts are manufactured to high quality specifications to ensure the best results in your wastewater treatment system. We produce polyferric sulfate, ferric sulfate, and ferric chloride to meet the customer’s iron needs.
Pencco recently introduced SULFeND® into the wastewater treatment market to provide an iron based treatment chemical with enhanced oxidation properties. It works to not only reduce sulfides, but to prevent to their formation, and to target phosphorous for its removal. It is coupled with our unique Advanced Dosing Controllers (ADC’s) to specifically treat H2S as it is generated within the sewer system thereby minimizing chemicals dosed into the system, and maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment program. See how the SULFeND® program can out-perform your iron or calcium nitrate treatment program.

Benefits of Ferric Sulfate and Ferric Chloride Wastewater Treatment

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Ferric sulfate and ferric chloride are used in wastewater treatment for enhanced benefits in hydrogen sulfide and phosphorus removal. Ferric salts are commonly used as primary coagulants, yielding benefits such as sludge conditioning, TSS reduction, and solids removal.

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