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Ferrous Chloride and Ferrous Sulfate Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our ferrous salts are manufactured to high quality specifications to ensure the best results in your wastewater treatment system. We produce both ferrous sulfate and ferrous chloride wastewater treatment solutions to meet your city’s preference for iron delivery to wastewater.

Benefits of Ferrous Sulfate and Ferrous Chloride Wastewater Treatment

Both ferrous sulfate solutions and ferrous chloride solutions show tremendous benefits in odor and corrosion control, precipitating hydrogen sulfide effectively. Other benefits include phosphorus removal, sludge conditioning, sludge volume index improvement, and TSS reduction. Ferrous is also used to dechlorinate prior to effluent discharge.

ferric sulfate water treatment

We also manufacture Safe Iron™, an enhanced non-hazardous ferrous sulfate solution that has a pH greater than 4.0. This extends an important benefit of using ferrous salts & minimizing alkalinity loss. In the removal of phosphorus and other contaminants, ferrous sulfate and ferrous chloride cause 30-60% less alkalinity loss than ferric or aluminum salts. This can become a significant factor where caustic is fed to increase alkalinity as in the area of nitrification.

Unlike some other wastewater treatment products such as calcium nitrate, iron does not advance the accumulation of fats, oils and greases (FOG) through the nitrogen micro-bubbles that are formed. This avoids “matting” issues as they float to the surface collecting FOG. This is particularly pronounced in lift station applications.

Another benefit of using ferrous sulfate and ferrous chloride is their high solubility in the wastewater stream. This allows them to be fed into the collection system up to several miles above the target system with no settling of the product. Ferrous iron is immediately effective upon introduction to the system and continues to remove hydrogen sulfide and phosphorus until all available iron is used, making ferrous iron a great pre-treatment option for sludge plants.

Pencco recently introduced SULFeND® into the wastewater treatment market to provide an iron based treatment chemical with enhanced oxidation properties. It works to not only reduce sulfides, but also to prevent their formation. It out-performs the traditional applications of both ferrous salts and calcium nitrate. It is coupled with our unique Advanced Dosing Controllers (ADC’s) to specifically treat H2S as it is generated within the sewer system thereby minimizing chemicals dosed into the system, and maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment program.

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