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Hydrogen Sulfide Wastewater Treatment and Testing

Pencco offers a full range of testing services for wastewater treatment systems regarding odor and corrosion control. Primarily, we offer hydrogen sulfide (H2S) testing and monitoring of the collection systems. Preliminary testing is done to determine the scope and individual needs of the system. By measuring hydrogen sulfide concentrations in both the liquid and vapor phase at various points in the process, an effective diagnosis of the system is achieved.

Our H2S testing and treatment program allows a city to do the following:

dosing controller

  • Determine hydrogen sulfide levels throughout the city
  • Stay up-to-date with hydrogen sulfide exposure
  • Monitor the effectiveness of chemical application on a treated system
  • Optimize chemical application based upon previous results
  • Quantify the need for a treatment program
  • Verify the effectiveness of an existing treatment program

Specialists in Odor Control

Pencco is the only odor control treatment provider in the United States who manufactures their own line of treatment chemicals. This position within the supply chain beginning with the raw materials allows us to qualify suppliers of our raw materials, and ensure that only the highest quality materials are used to manufacture our products. This also eliminates another layer between the producer and the customer allowing us to deliver cost savings to the end user, all while receiving the best chemical available to the market.

By having Pencco test and treat their hydrogen sulfide wastewater treatment systems, our customers have experienced significant and distinct improvements. Even in extreme cases of several thousand of ppm hydrogen sulfide in vapor, proper application of chemicals has resulted in target ppm concentrations in the collection systems and digester gas.

You can be confident that the goals for your treatment program will be met when you choose Pencco. Our reporting process can be tailored to fit your needs to ensure that managers are always informed and in control of their hydrogen sulfide wastewater treatment operations.

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