higher standards

is not a slogan, it's a mantra.

At Pencco, we are committed to performing at the highest level so our customers can do the same. From our high-volume manufacturing facilities and distribution network to our world-class engineers and sales professionals, Pencco is not just meeting higher standards, but setting them.

We specialize in water treatment services for municipal and industrial use, innovating unique solutions for each customer's need. We are dedicated to providing personalized service and reliable products, based upon traditional values of integrity and trust. Major municipalities such as Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles use our solutions. Pick Pencco for knowledgeable advice and proven results for whatever problem you may have.

The experience of Ross Harris with Pencco dependability can be viewed on the right; an example of what Pencco can do for you. Ross Harris is the current President of AA Environmental Services LLC and retired Program Manager of San Antonio Water System (SAWS).