About Our Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemical Services

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron Horne founded Pioneer Engineering Chemical Company (Pencco) in 1984, supplying ferrous sulfate to the city of Corpus Christi. As the demand for our wastewater treatment services increased, additional facilities were constructed to service Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas.

Today, we are a national producer and distributor of iron products to treat drinking water and wastewater, solving problems such as odor, corrosion, water treatment challenges and sludge issues. Our water treatment offerings also include the distribution of fluoride as an additive to drinking water and a component in industrial applications. Due to our extensive relationships within the chemical industry, we can also provide an array of other chemicals through our commercial relationships in the industry. We provide this distribution network in partnership with our customers who prefer Pencco as a supplier.

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Strategic Locations as a Water Treatment Chemical Distributor

The introduction of facilities in North Carolina and California has enabled us to supply products to the east and west coasts. Recently, we have bolstered our odor control offerings and have begun focusing on our applications offerings utilizing Advanced Dosing Controllers (ADC) and specialty chemicals. This allows our customers to achieve superior results while minimizing their total spend. Additionally, the ADCs allow customers to have remote access to monitor and make adjustments to the profiled dosing that is fitted to sulfide mass loading.

A Long History as a Water Treatment Chemicals Manufacturer

Our expansion has been fueled by the response of city administrators to the Pencco way of business: honest, straightforward, and dependable. Now headquartered in Sealy, Texas, we strive to improve upon current manufacturing techniques, chemicals, and application methods in the water treatment and wastewater chemical and service industries. Accordingly, new processes have been designed that reduce the adverse impact on the environment and result in a superior product at lower cost to the customer. Through ongoing research, we are developing new iron products to more effectively meet the needs of cities and the wastewater treatment services they need.

Pencco engineers and technicians are trained to make onsite visits, evaluate the requirements of each customer, and offer professional
recommendations for product application and treatment strategies to meet those needs.

We are excited to serve a growing number of communities in the United States as a leading water treatment chemicals distributor and manufacturer. Water treatment is a crucial component of a sustainable society and we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and the world in which we live.