Applications and Consulting

We have a staff of chemical and mechanical engineers that are dedicated to identifying your water and wastewater treatment needs and designing a complete program using all the tools Pencco and our partners offer. Pencco designs, manufactures, distributes, applies, and services the products in complete programs. Our applications group follows through on a continuous dynamic basis through all stages of the process to ensure the programs we employ are managed properly and continue to be the best overall solution.

No other company provides this high-quality level of services and products to the water industry. In essence, Pencco works with you through all stages of the process to ensure the exceptional results that you as a customer deserve.

Service and Management

The best chemistries, equipment, and designs are never enough to lead to the most effective and cost-efficient programs. Instead, it takes dedicated service and management to achieve optimal program operation. Pencco has the right people with the right attitudes to deliver the best services for your program.

We offer wide range of services for water and wastewater treatment customers.

Water quality engineer | Pencco, Inc.
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Water Treatment

We can help customers with jar tests to simulate coagulation/flocculation process, SUVA jar tests, and Step 2 jar tests.

Tailored Chemicals

As a manufacturer, Pencco can develop and produce new targeted chemistries to accomplish water treatment goals in an efficient and effective manner.

Remote Monitoring and Control Equipment

Pencco has developed state of the art equipment that can be monitored and controlled wirelessly through the internet. In addition, multiple types of equipment can interface with each other in order to link information like weather forecasts and local events in your agency’s are to adjust treatment levels.

Bench Scale/Pilot Scale/Plant Scale Tests

Pencco’s application team can help set up and run bench scale tests to simulate plant conditions closely and scale up the same to pilot scale and plant scale testing.

Coagulation testing on wastewater samples | Pencco, Inc.
Chemical pump for wastewater treatment | Pencco, Inc.