At Pencco, we offer a range of iron based chemicals for wastewater treatment applications. We have a full series of advanced options that encompass every stage of wastewater operation needs including: ferric chloride, ferric sulfate, ferrous chloride, ferrous sulfate, Safe IronTM, Green IronTM, SULFeNDTM, and other high-quality chemicals.

We also offer the following programs to our wastewater treatment customers to ensure cost savings and treatment process optimization:

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Iron Based Chemicals by Pencco

The iron based chemicals provided by Pencco are exceptional for wastewater treatment applications, including odor and corrosion control, phosphorus removal, sludge conditioning, struvite control and for addressing even the most challenging of issues.

We also have a line of proprietary chemistries such as SULFeNDTM products which were designed to overcome the more challenging wastewater conditions that some of our customers’ face.

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Pencco can also offer the following benefits towards Wastewater Chemical Solutions:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Odor Control
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Reduction
  • Solids Removal
  • Sludge Conditioning
  • Sludge Volume Index Improvement
  • Retention of Alkalinity
  • Dechlorination
  • Struvite Removal

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Odor Control

Our business was originally founded on hydrogen sulfide removal and odor control in wastewater collections systems and wastewater treatment plants. As we developed our model of evaluating systems, developing and applying odor controls programs, and then effectively meeting treatment goals, our reputation has grown accordingly. Over the years we have refined our process and become a leader in delivering results that are widely trusted and respected in the industry.

In addition to supplying superior odor control, phosphorus removal from wastewater and other applications, we offer diagnostic testing services to determine the best approach for a given system. This allows us to understand the client’s objectives, and then work hand in hand to resolve the issues and do so at, or below, expected costs.

Benefits of Iron Over Calcium Nitrate

Unlike some other wastewater treatment products such as calcium nitrate, iron does not advance the accumulation of fats, oils and greases (FOG) through the nitrogen micro-bubbles that are formed. This avoids “matting” issues as they float to the surface collecting FOG. This is particularly pronounced in lift station applications.