Our ferric products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications to ensure the best results in your water treatment process. We produce ferric sulfate, ferric chloride, ClariFeX™ to meet your city’s need for iron-based coagulants.

Ferric Sulfate and Ferric Chloride

Ferric sulfate and ferric chloride are used as a coagulants or flocculants for water treatment production, and several other applications such as sludge conditioning, odor prevention and more. Iron water treatment chemicals are often ideal coagulants due to their high efficiency in forming floc and achieving advanced clarification in the settling process. They are also typically 40% more efficient at removing total organic carbon (TOC) than aluminum-based products. For more information on Ferric Products, please click here.

Benefits of Ferric Chloride and Ferric Sulfate in Water Treatment

  • Up to 40% more TOC when compared to aluminum chemistries
  • A wider pH range for the coagulant to work in
  • Rapid floc formation requiring less residence time in the basins
  • Improved sludge dewatering vs. aluminum
  • Reduced odors in the sludge that is produced
  • Residual iron in the sludge improves marketability for land application

Pencco also offers ClariFeX™ line of products that contains soluble ferric iron which are designed to lower the quantity of chemical used, decrease operations cost, and enhance performance in water treatment applications.

For more information on ClariFeXTM products, please click here.