Our ferrous salts are manufactured to high quality specifications to ensure the best results in your wastewater treatment system. We produce ferrous sulfate, ferrous chloride, Safe Iron™, and Green Iron™ wastewater treatment solutions to meet your city’s preference for iron delivery to wastewater.

Benefits of Ferrous Sulfate and Ferrous Chloride Wastewater Treatment

Both ferrous sulfate solutions and ferrous chloride solutions show tremendous benefits in odor and corrosion control, precipitating hydrogen sulfide effectively. Other benefits include phosphorus removal, sludge conditioning, sludge volume index improvement, and TSS reduction. Ferrous is also used to dechlorinate prior to effluent discharge.

Another benefit of using ferrous sulfate and ferrous chloride is their high solubility in the wastewater stream. This allows them to be fed into the collection system up to several miles above the target system with no settling of the product. Ferrous iron is immediately effective upon introduction to the system and continues to remove hydrogen sulfide and phosphorus until all available iron is used, making ferrous iron a great pre-treatment option for sludge plants.

Green Iron™

Green Iron™ is a highly effective liquid foliar iron source. Iron deficiencies in plants, often due to highly alkaline soil, causes the yellowing of plant leaves. Foliar iron works by being absorbed into the leaves to correct chlorotic conditions, enabling the plant to make chlorophyll. The overall result of applying foliar iron is higher yield and earlier maturity, making it a cost-effective treatment method.

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