Pencco is continuously working on developing state of the art devices for wastewater treatment applications.

Advanced Carbon Scrubbers

Pencco scrubbers are more than simple carbon scrubbers. We combine advanced controls to a custom designed multi-media to remove odors by 99.9% at the lowest possible cost. We can offer scrubbers up to 2000 cfm.

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Pencco Controls

Pencco Controls is the tool we employ to achieve cost savings. Pencco Controls uses Advanced Dosing controllers (ADC’s) for precision chemical dosing into the system being treated. This allows flow paced dosing, which adjusts the feed rate to match the sulfide loading in the system. By carefully treating the actual cause, the community’s odor issues are resolved without excessive chemical treatment.

Pencco provides a variety of options for precise dosing control. Pencco has focused on providing PLC based advanced dosing controls that are economical for all dose rates. All Pencco systems are designed for ease of use and maintenance. The systems are designed for any type of odor control chemical on the market.

Pencco Controls provides the customer with online monitoring and control of each treatment point.

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Test Equipment

Pencco  offers Gastec Tubes for testing liquid Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) levels in wastewater.  Learn more about our Gastec Tubes.

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