Gastec® Detector Tubes for H2S Detection

We supply Gastec® Tubes for measuring liquid sulfide concentrations in water and wastewater. Each tube features clearly demarcated and calibrated lines to provide precise data and accurate analysis of the system. Measurements are taken easily and completed in as little as five minutes. No extra equipment or lab analysis is required. Gastec® Tubes allow you to quickly pinpoint problem areas in your odor and corrosion control program.

Gastec® Detector Tubes Provide Precise Detection

Each Gastec detector tube contains detecting reagents that are sensitive to the item that they are targeting, which makes it easier to detect sulfides in solution. When this is detected, the tube will produce an unmistakable layer color change. To ensure that these tubes provide precise expressions to aid H2S treatment, they are hermetically-sealed, their inner diameters are firmly controlled and only reagents with long term stability are chosen. Thus, the direct-read of these tubes ensures no additional interpretation or guess work is necessary.

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Advantages of Gastec® Detector Tubes

  • High accuracy detector tube
  • Easily readable color change
  • Extensive shelf life
  • Low cost per measurement
  • Calibration scales are visible on the tubes themselves

These Gastec® detector tubes for H2S detection and treatment provide fast, accurate and quantitative results.