Pencco Practices Environmentally Conscious Chemical Productions with Beneficial Reuse

Pencco has been focused on environmentally conscious production methods since our inception. Beneficial reuse has far reaching impacts in the life cycles of various chemistries and products. By re-purposing byproducts or recycled streams, there are cradle to grave impacts from preservation of natural resources, to interception and utilization of materials that would otherwise be in their end state, thereby reducing disposal into landfills or deep well disposal sites

All beneficial reuse candidates are evaluated thoroughly to ensure no adverse components are present in the material. All candidates are screened for metals, minerals, organics, and compounds prior to being accepted into our process.

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The Science Behind Beneficial Reuse Acid

Green beneficial reuse: An example of beneficial reuse is our partnership with a manufacturer who uses sulfuric acid at very high concentrations for their process. Once the acid was “spent,” they neutralized and then deep well injected the material. Even though there were no contaminates, the use required a high concentration strong acid and it had to be disposed of. Pencco’s engineers realized that one of our products was diluted with water upon completion, and rather than buy strong acid and dilute the finished product, we could manufacture with the diluted acid, and reduce our water addition on the back end. This allowed us to manufacture our product at a lower price that translated into savings for the customer, all while eliminating the acid being injected into a deep well.

From a production standpoint, we have developed our processes to minimize hazardous chemicals being handled and released into the environment. An example of that is our ferric chloride production process. Pencco management made the decision when we began manufacturing this material to only do so with hydrochloric acid. The majority of ferric chloride is produced by using chlorine gas that would have to travel down rail routes and over public roads to be delivered to the manufacturing site. Pencco believes that by taking a stance in changing production techniques, we can be industry leaders in improving best practices.

Pencco is continuously looking for ways to form strategic partnerships that meet environmental initiatives on behalf of our clients. Having been recognized by the state of Texas for our outstanding green record, we can assist industrial or municipal customers in accomplishing environmentally responsible chemical procurement. We look forward to partnering with you in an effort to make environmentally conscious chemical production improvements.

For more information on our Reuse Programs, please click here.